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How we help businesses?

  • We aim to shorten the time it takes for job seekers to find a new position.
  • To achieve this, we have developed one of the most effective tools for job searching.
  • Job searchers can easily and quickly submit resumes to general and specialty job board websites.
  • The most beneficial aspect of the entire procedure is that we only charge applicants after they receive their first paycheck. We don't even blame them when they join.

Janmesh Rami CEO at JMR Aggregates LLC

On November 1, 2021, Janmesh Rami took over as CEO of JMR Aggregates by laying its foundation stone.

A global leader with extensive expertise, Janmesh has dedicated his whole career to people-focused companies and has a track record of successfully tackling business difficulties.

His most recent position was Group CEO of Techno Career Tips Pvt. Ltd., a business with a sizable staff base across many nations. Here, he oversaw the turnaround of struggling business units (particularly those in the US, the company's largest market), spearheaded the digital and data transformation of the established core businesses, and enhanced execution, which boosted growth. At Techno Career Tips Pvt. Ltd., Janmesh previously held worldwide leadership positions, including CEO of two of the company's business units.

Our Commitments

Solution Focused

We are an HR service provider that is driven by the quest for solutions. We have provided HR solutions to organizations for over 2 years and have over 50+ companies on our client list.

Customer Oriented

We are a very customer-oriented HR Services provider. Our company provides the best services to our clients. We have more than 2 years of experience in this field.

99.99% Success

HR services is a growing industry and there are many service providers available in the market. It isn't easy to find a reliable one. But we are assured to give the 99.99% Success results in HR Services.